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1. On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization: Optimize pages or page optimization refers to adjust the different elements and structure in web page to make it appeared in the front search results page than the previous position. Generally, it can at least appear within the first 100 search results. Otherwise, it will disappear into the endless ocean of extensive internet.
On page optimization simply cannot guarantee the rank of web pages which is more determined by the off page optimization. But, off page optimization results are largely depends on the extent of good on page optimization, which will make off page optimization job more effective.
Method of implementing on page optimization is not complicated, it’s more of a tedious job than skills. On page optimization targets not only the home page of website, but each individual web page.

2. Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization: Optimize pages outside the internet, mainly refers to a wide variety of links through the website or web page in order to improve rankings. Plan a good Off Page Optimization is the fundamental SEO.